Department of Business Administration

Considered as a precursor to B.B.A., this course is in demand among students who aim to enter into one of the premier B-Schools. The curriculum is designed to cater to the industry needs of today which include computerization and honing of HR skills. The course helps the students to plan, organize, lead, coordinate, control, motivate and excel in all the fields of management.

Department of Computer Science & Computer Applications

Emphasis is laid on the practical understanding of the technology. Concentration is provided exclusively on programming and information management. The department has well equipped computer laboratories with internet connections. A solid foundation in the technological field is provided for the students. This creates an environment for the healthy competition and to obtain a successful career.

Department of Commerce

Evergreen and everlasting, the course contents are designed and constructed in such a style that meet the requirements necessary to nurture the personality of the prospective business executive to face the national and international level challenges of modern business.

Department of Micro-biology

The Department of Microbiology is having Separate labs were provided for Allied subjects with all facilities for the conduct of practicals. The department is provided with a computer and an intercom.


  • The department conducts classes with modern methodology like the use of Over Head Projector, Power Point Presentations which help the students to have updated knowledge.
  • The students give seminars, paper presentations and model projects which helps them to visualize the subject.
  • The students are assessed at regular intervals which help them to be thorough with the subject.
  • Students are empowered with wide range of practical skills like Blood group analysis, Assessment of Nutritional Status like BMI calculation.
  • The department encourages the student participants during the competitions by offering attractive cash prizes.


  • To increase the awareness of Microbiology in our every day life.
  • To plan for proper waste management in the campus

Department of Corporate Secretaryship

The growth and expansion of corporate sector due to liberalization and globalization has resulted in ample demand for corporate professionals in India. To cater to this need, this department works in honing the skills of the students to enter into the corporate world.