The College is proud of its Members of Teaching Staff, who make a team of spirited scholars, diligent and hard working, imbued with a penchant for the task of imparting knowledge.

Co-curricular Activities

All departments have associations like Cyber Club, Commerce Forum and Micro-Quest, which provide a platform for sharing views and getting guidance for self-evaluation and sustained improvement. Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and various competitions are held to establish a rapport with other Institution for mutual involvements and interactions.

The college adopts a systematic, focused course of action in order to promote sports. There is a sports pavilion for playing games and developing physical fitness. Our students have won several commendable placements in sports.

Specialized training for talented students is given in areas such as

  • Chess
  • Throw ball
  • Cricket
  • Carom
  • Volleyball
  • Shuttle
  • Badminton etc.

The players are honoured with prizes, medals, shields and certificates on the occasion of the Sports Meet.


The Library functions on all working days. It has a large collection of books on all Branches of Courses offered. In addition, the library subscribes to a large number of National and International Journals for the reading benefits of our students, who will thereby keep themselves abreast of the latest trends and breakthroughs in various fields of study.


Hostels are integral parts of the institution’s academic programmes. The Management has raised hostels for girls and boys separately. The hostel mess serves good, tasty and wholesome food.


The college laboratories have been well constructed and sufficiently equipped with sophisticated instruments on par with premier R&D Institutions. This facilitates effective integration of theoretical knowledge with practical experience.


The college has an NSS wing. The student volunteers engage themselves in various social service activities such as Awareness Programme, Tree Planting, Medical Camps and Blood Donation Camps adoption of Villages to improve the environs for the slum dwellers and also other ameliorative projects like adult and health education programmes.

The College conducts RRC & YRC Programmes to instill in the students the spirit of discipline, service and leadership. The NSS YRC & RRC organize periodical Blood Donation Camps and Celebrating Live Programmes. All the students are encouraged to become members of the NSS, RRC and YRC.