We at this Institution, envision the holistic development of our students into vibrant professionals, conscious of human values and eco-friendly environment and competent in skills. They will be the torch-bearers in their respective fields of study, quite capable of serving the community in a befitting manner.


To groom our students as self-reliant, creative, value-conscious, dedicated citizens, committed to the service of the nation.

To develop the Institution into a seat of leaning that would blend knowledge of modern science and Technology with our time - honored cultural and spiritual vision. To do ample justice to the tasks of transforming our youth into integrated individuals, capable of successfully facing the challenges of life.

Quality Policy

The Management and Academic Leadership of the Institution do hereby give performance assurance to all stakeholders viz. parents, students, employers and the community. Our commitment and dedication is built into our policy of continual quality improvement by establishing and implementing mechanisms and modalities for ensuring accountability at all levels, transparency in procedures and access to information.